Today: tulip bulbs in Hayes Park

Sarah Hutt

To all
We are just passing this information along - our friends a Haynes Park, on the corner of Warren Ave and W. Canton Street are doing a major replanting of the parks central area and they will be pulling up all the tulips they planted last fall and offering them to their neighbors.
This is an annual event - spring tulips are removed and new plantings are put into the parks main planting area.
If you are interested here are the details below.

Hello all,
On Wednesday we are digging up the tulip bulbs in Hayes Park.  If you want any, come by between 12:15 and 1:15 to pick up as many as you want.  Bring your own bags.  Remember to let the leaves yellow completely before removing the bulbs from the stems.  Then store them in a paper bag until the fall, then plant them in October or November..

As a reminder, here is this year’s color:

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