Today's compost delivery

Sarah Hutt

To all

Today we were suppose to receive delivery of 4 large truckloads of compost soil  Instead they delivered 1 large truck and 1 small truck load.

It is not clear why this happened.

They did offer to deliver more next Friday, June 5. But Joe is unable to manage things again.

If there is a group of people who are available to make sure things are in order we can confirm the delivery.  

Some of the tasks include
- parking 2 cars in front of the Shawmut gates so we can save a way in for the delivery
- spread tarps for soil AND then put them away once soil is gone
- from the shed bring out the garden wheelbarrows and wagon, shovels and then make sure they have been put away.
- meet the truck to accept the delivery and make sure they can get into the garden and direct how they dump the soil

I’ll need to know by Monday if anyone can help.
Thanks all 

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