Compost - update

Sarah Hutt

Just a reminder about Friday’s delivery of compost we really want to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to get some of this compost soil - and that we maintain social distancing

We have calculated that each member can have

                                    2 wheelbarrows full of compost

                                    OR 10 white - 5 gallon buckets OR 10 rice bags.

The garden will be divided into 3 groups and those groups have times associated: 

·  A Row: starting at about 9:30 AM  (when the first load is delivered) 

·  B Row:  starting at about 11:00 AM (after the second load has been delivered) 

·  C Row: starting at about 12 noon (after the third load has been delivered) 

·  All others that could not make the time associated with their row: Come by after 12:30 (after the fourth and final load has been delivered) 

们计算出每个园丁可以拥有 :

2辆装满堆肥的独轮车, 10个白色-5仑水桶或10个米袋。





•B行:从大11:00 AM开始(第二次取泥时间)




Thank you
Berkeley Garden Leadership Committee

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