Compost delivery NEWS!!!!

Sarah Hutt

Hello Gardeners
Great news, we have been notified that COMPOST soil will be delivered on Friday, May 29!

We are going to need EVERYONES cooperation to make sure everyone gets soil.
Due to the necessity to maintain social distancing we are going to stagger times for soil pick-up.  To make this possible and fair for all we will have 4 truck deliveries vs. the usual one big one.  This will allow us to time out different groups.   
The garden will be divided into 3 groups and those groups have times associated:
  • A Row: starting at about 9:30 AM  (when the first load is delivered)
  • B Row:  starting at about 11:00 AM (after the second load has been delivered)
  • C Row: starting at about 12 noon (after the third load has been delivered)
  • All others that could not make the time associated with their row: Come by after 12:30 (after the fourth and final load has been delivered)
Please play your part and follow the rules.  Extra incentive: Everyone that cooperates will receive 2 work hours as credit.  Anyone that causes a problem or takes more soil than they are allocated will have 4 hours removed from their garden credit.
To keep things fair we must impose this on everyone, so that everyone can received some soil.  
We also need to keep the area in front of the Shawmut gate clear for the delivery.  If you are available to park your car there and work with us to move it during the delivery please let us know.
Thank you!
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