Garden update May 20

Sarah Hutt

To all,
Given today’s circumstances, we are not able to have organized events to pass information and must rely on email.  Please help us by reaching out to your friends and garden neighbors to make sure everyone is getting the info being sent out. Thank you in advance.
A few quick hits for everyone:
  • Tending your plot - Your Plot must be cleaned and planted by June 1.  
    • While we understand this is a trying time Berkeley Garden is under tremendous pressure to make plots available to the long list of neighbors who participated in the Lottery hoping for a plot.  Your Plot must be cleaned and planted by June 1.  If you have a medical issue, sheltering outside the area, or if you have any other reason you are unable to come to the garden please let us know.  Otherwise we will be forced to give it to someone on the Lottery waiting list.
  • Rabbits in the garden: 
    • Has anyone observed rabbits in the garden over the past few weeks in the garden?  What time of day was it?  Please let us know so we can trap in the most effective places
  • Rats in the garden:
    • A-Row gardeners are our first line of defense against rats entering the garden along the alley as they emerge from the city sewers in the alley.
    • Until we are able to rebuild the A-Row fence along the alley we will need continue to put traps in A-Row gardens.  If you do not have a trap please email <info@...> so we can arrange to install one.  All A-Row gardeners will be given 2 extra hours for hosting a trap.
      • Reminder:
        • Traps must be left FLAT on the ground 
        • They should stay close to the fence because that is where the rats enter. 
        • Adding fine mesh wire fencing including L shaped below ground like we do for rabbits will help.
    • If you see a dead rat please email info@... It will safely be disposed of.  Do not touch dead or dying animals with bare hands.
  • Plot etiquette
    • Some gardeners along the B-Row are expanding their gardens to the common spaces outside their garden - this is not acceptable.  
    • Garden rules clearly state the areas in the planters are Common Areas and are for flowers NOT edible plants.  This is to encourage bees in the garden.  
    • Added structures to protect vegetables are a hazard when walking through the garden and create a mess.  Anyone who persists in building constructions in these areas will not be asked to return next year.
  • Fertilizing YOUR GARDEN
    • Berkeley Gardeners only use earth friendly bio-degradable fertilizers.  But some of you are using foul smelling things on your garden.  We have been getting complaints from gardeners as well as Dwight Street neighbors.  Anyone who continues to use this highly offensive smelling treatments will not be invited back next year to the garden.  
  • IF you still need garden plants - Trustees City Natives Farm are hosting Online Plant Sales
    • We have a huge selection of plants available through online pre-order only! Native perennials, trees, and shrubs perfect for supporting pollinators and birds; a wide array of vegetable and herb seedlings including heirloom tomatoes, super-hot peppers, lush greens, and compact varieties
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