Berkeley Update

Sarah Hutt

To all

The water is on - the garden season has begun!!

PLEASE - if you see faucets leaking let us know - gardeners pay for water through our dues 
If you see areas on the ground that are unusually wet it could be a leaking pipe below ground so PLEASE let us know
just respond to this email or send a note to <info@...>
the plumbing committee will oversee repairs.
If you would like to help on the plumbing committee please respond to this email.

TRASH in the garden
There will be no cleanup this spring.  We will not be renting a dumpster.  Hopefully by the fall we will be able to rent a dumpster
In the meantime take all trash to your home for trash pickup.  Do not leave bags of trash in the garden for someone else to remove.

Thanks everyone - and be safe,
????QUESTIONS:  info@...

Berkeley Community Gardens
Log Your Community Time:  cleanups@...  include: name, plot number, number of hours, description of task, and picture if you have it.
Post your pictures:  FACEBOOK/Berkeley Gardens

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