Garden update

Sarah Hutt

Hi gardeners,

Hope you are all staying safe but getting out to the garden to see all the spring flowers and check your gardens to see what is coming back.

GARDEN SAFETY For those of you who are visiting your garden plot - 
While we have been encouraged to stay home and away from public gatherings some homeless are also looking for places to separate themselves from homeless shelters group sleeping.  Over the past week a sleeping bag was found stored in Berkeley Gardens, it was removed and nothing has returned.  On Sunday a man was observed climbing over the Shawmut end fence to come into the garden.  When he was told not to climb the fence and leave he walked to the Tremont end to exit.

Please if you see anyone in the garden that shouldn’t be there or you feel unsafe call 911-- the address at the garden gates is 213 Shawmut Ave and 500 Tremont St.

While there are efforts made to repair the fence with the Trustees there are limits to what they can do during this time.  If anyone would like to make the temporary repairs or has any suggestions about how to secure that area from the gate to the 2nd garden along the A Row alley please let me know.  

For everyone at home anticipating the time when we can begin planting in the garden attached is the directions to make your own small seed planting seed tape. 

Message from Trustees
Attached is a notice sent out by the Trustees concerning the current Corvid19 situation.  Here is a link to the City of Boston site where you can get translations and locations for food/meals <

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