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Elizabeth ANDERSON

Hi Sarah, 

Concerning changes to the rules, could a reminder that the garden is No Smoking be added in?
The rule about dead vines needing to be removed by fall clean up means that wild bees and other useful insects may lose their winter homes and die. 
Also, there was some talk about the new no dogs rule and how that isn’t fair to members who bring their dogs with them to garden and can’t do so anymore. Also how it negatively impacts our relationship with the community. The previous rule about keeping dogs on leashes and removing waste seemed much more reasonable. 

I would like to volunteer for the snow shoveling crew. 


Elizabeth Anderson A164

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To all gardeners

Thank you to all for making Saturday a great day - the weather couldn’t have been better.

Thanks again everyone who brought the delicious foods we all shared at the potluck it was delicious. And those of you that stepped up and helped order and pick up coffee, shop for our groceries, set up the middle area and helped to cleanup afterwards, you all did a great job and really made the day a big hit.

If you can help in the off season - make up some community hours

-We are now looking at the rules and updating where necessary.  There is a copy of the current rules on the web site consider looking at the rules and submitted changes:
- Winterizing the snow blower -if you have a car or truck and can take it in for service 
- Purchase the supplies needed for clearing snow - you will be reimbursed.
- Join the snow shoveling crew
- Continue to pick up trash in the garden - send your info to <cleanups@...>   include: name, plot number, number of hours, description of task, and picture if you have it.

Garden Schedule
All renewal notices for the new year will be mailed in February 2020 with last day to renew your plot in March - after we hold a Lottery at Project Place.   First cleanup celebration April 4.  If you don’t receive a mailing or if you have moved since last spring please let us know.  
If you have decided not to return in 2020 please let us know and return your keys.

Thanks all

Berkeley Community Gardens
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Log Your Community Time:  cleanups@...  include: name, plot number, number of hours, description of task, and picture if you have it.
Post your pictures:  FACEBOOK/Berkeley Gardens

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