June Schedule in the garden

Sarah Hutt

ALL GARDENS MUST BE PLANTED BY JUNE 1 or you risk loosing your garden.

On Sunday June 2 gardeners are invited to come tell their stories - Zach Nowak comes to us from Harvard University.  He works in the University’s History Department and is committed to setting up archives about the community gardens in Boston.  He will be working with Berkeley over the next few years to set up archives with us that will include gardener oral histories, a photo of your garden, and plant specimens or seeds.  We are currently deciding between Mass Historical Society and Northeastern University Social Change Research Library to hold our information.  The plant specimens will be formally mounted and go to the Harvard Herbarium.

We will set up around the garden to interview 6 gardeners on Sunday June 2 from 9 AM - Noon.  Then do more over the summer.  Chinese translators will be here to help answer any questions.  All interviews will be recorded so you can speak in your native language.  You will receive a transcript of your conversation so you can make additions and changes.
If you would like to help or just observe please visit the garden.
Your history with Berkeley Community Garden  June 2,  9AM - Noon

June 3 Monday Night Cleanup and Social Hour - weather permitting - we will be pulling weeds, putting down mulch - and picking up trash.  If you have anything on your mind and want to talk to someone on Leadership stop by.

June 22  We will hold our 2nd workshop of the season How to Prune bushes and trees in your garden plot with Michelle deLima of theTrustees. Experts will be available to answer questions about best time to trim rose bushes, hydrangea, laurels, lilac and any other plants growing in or around your garden.  Please remember nothing is suppose to be over 6’ tall in your garden.

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