Re: bees allowed in garden?

Sarah Hutt

The garden has been through this about 4 years ago - we were denied approval because there isn’t a place within the garden that provides the right amount of buffer space between the public paths and the hive - also there was concern from people that are bee allergic and the neighbors who have balconies that open up to the garden -

If you intended to pursue this the Boston Zoning Board which must give approval would require a letter of approval from the land owner, the Trustees.  The Trustees would require support from gardeners, and along with that Zoning would require letters of support from abutting building owners. 

Instead we have tried to concentrate on growing flowers that attract bees.  You probably noticed the influx of bees in mid summer when the Chinese melons and squash start to bloom.  They bring hundreds of them.  

If you  are interested in planting flowers in the common areas to attract bees let me know.
Sarah C105

On Mar 10, 2019, at 10:43 AM, David Herman <djherm@...> wrote:

Hi- is it allowed to put a beehive in garden for raising bees? There are many online offerings that make it easy nowadays and they provide the correct non-aggressive, garden beneficial bees.

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