57 days till spring

Sarah Hutt

To all
Just a reminder that if you aren’t returning to the garden this summer please let us know - we are preparing the Renewal Mailings which will go out Feb 2 so save a stamp - save a tree- and let us know.  Have you moved since last spring?  Please send in your new address so you don’t miss your Renewal invoice.
Thank you to the snow crew - who have been doing a terrific job keeping the sidewalks around the garden clear.
We were notified by Jeremy, our Trustee representative that he has started to do some cleanup in our garden that we didnt get to last year.  He fixed the broken alley fence on the Shawmut end and cleared debris at the base of the Berkeley sidewalk fence which include, raking out the border along Berkeley and removing trash and leaves, removing weed trees, and cutting back some shrubs and vines that were reaching into pathways. He then returned to complete the Dwight Alley side of garden.  It is the Trustee policy to remove all vines and branches that come through the outside fences or overhang the paths.
A couple of other things:
The two dead Ginkgo trees along E. Berkeley will be removed in March/early April and the three large Locust trees will be pruned, to thin and lift the trees branches.  The cost of this is paid for by our garden dues.
Berkeley Street border. In the spring Jeremy will be doing some regenerative pruning on the dogwoods and mulch the border.  The dogwoods will  be cut back to ground level to keep them from becoming overgrown and make it easier to clean debris and weeds from around them.  The border will be healthier and weeds reduced with mulching and pruning.  This work will happen in the spring - April or May - if you would like to help Jeremy please let me know.
We have requested the return of our garden signs that were removed when the fence was being scrapped.  If anyone would like to work with Jeremy to update our signs  let me know.
More information soon,
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