Garden Tasks

Sarah Hutt

Hi all,
Here are 3 on-going opportunities to contribute to the garden well being.  They each need someone to oversee them.

Garden outer gates
We need someone to take care of the garden gates - there are three gates.  Jeremy, from the Trustees checks them in the spring and fall when the water is turned on and off but it would be great if we had someone paying particular attention to them in case they break and to do simple maintenance in mid-summer just to keep everything in working order.  If interested you will be put in touch with Jeremy to go over the simple tasks that can be done.

Rabbits and Rats
Ted B103 has been taking care of this on his own for the past 6 years.  It would be great to have one or two people to work with him- keep track of which gardens have rat traps, be a contact if anyone has a rat problem, and coordinate with the exterminator.

Chinese Pergola
On the Shawmut end there is a wooden pergola with Chinese text on it that was one of the original gateways into the garden.  It is in need of revitalization. 

If anyone is interested in any of these opportunities please let me know.

And as a reminder - if you have been working in the garden send in your hours to cleanups.  If you are not retuning next year please let us know - we will make arrangements for you to return your keys when you are done with your garden.  

See you on October 27th

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