help needed to spread crushed stone

Sarah Hutt

Hi all
I am looking for help to do some important work.

The Trustees will be delivering a load of crushed stone to be spread over our garden paths.  This will solve the problem of the dips and holes that have appeared primarily around the irrigation faucets and on the slope at the Tremont entrance.  

The Trustees will provide a compacter that will go over the areas once the stone is spread to pack down the stone.  

We will need to move it from the Shawmut entrance because with our cleanup on October 27th we will want to make sure the area is open so we have easy access to the dumpster.  

If you are interested in being the Key Contact with the Trustees representative Jeremy you will coordinate our team with his.

If you are interesting in being part of the team --- any amount of time would be greatly appreciated — please let me know.   

The stone will arrive on a Friday --either October 12 or 19th.  This is to take advantage of the NO PARKING along Shawmut Ave during street sweeping but we do not yet have a confirmed date.
Thank you.

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