Garden safety

Sarah Hutt

Dear Gardeners

We have had some odd occurrences in the garden that I wanted to share with all fo you.

 If you have had similar experience or if anything else has happened please let me know.

Recently our No Dog signs disappeared from the garden, the garden banners on the Tremont side were ripped down, and yesterday napkins and toilet paper were found hanging on the Tremont side of the garden fence.

Today all 3 garden gates door knobs were covered in a white lotion with a large pile on the ground below the knob.

And today around 6PM someone put a chain and lock on the Tremont gate.  This is the 2nd time a gardener has reported that someone put a chain and lock on the Tremont entrance.  The first time it was on for a couple of hours then disappeared.  This time a gardener just cut it off.  I have no idea why someone would chain the door closed.

We have been keeping the gates closed because gardeners were experiencing plants and produce being stolen.  We also found the water on full blast one morning at 6:30 AM along the B and C Row 2 weeks ago.

If anyone has seen any other odd things please let me know.  

We would like to create a timeline with any incident and then notify our Boston Police representative. 

Just let me know if you have seen anything.
Thanks all,
Sarah and John

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