Garden update #3

Sarah Hutt

Hi all
Thank you to everyone that helped plant the 12 Clematis vines donated to the garden along the C Row.  Hopefully we will have a beautifully flowering fence soon.

We have a couple of volunteers to help get the A Row Alley fence project going.  If you are interested in helping watch for updates.

We have found two people to champion using MailChimp to send out garden info.  If you have any questions or concerns you would like us to address please let me know.

We still need someone to mow the two lawns and or take the mower to be sharpened. 

More tasks need someone to manage them
KEYS and PADLOCKS - Berkeley Community Garden provides locks and keys for garden plots.  Over the years we have had situations that required access to plotss and so we started to supply padlocks that are accessible with a pass key.  We of course do not enter gardens unless its absolutely necessary.  

We need one or two people to manage the database that identifies the lock number with the garden plot and to make sure we have an inventory of padlocks and keys in the spring when new gardeners join.  We ask that everyone return their gate keys and padlock keys when they leave the garden but that doesn’t always happen so getting gate keys is also required.  Presently we have a long standing contract with Broadway Lock just over the bridge in South Boston - within walking distance.  We do charge $2 for replacement keys - any money collected is given to our treasurer.
If you are interested please let me know - this will provide you with the years community hours.  Linda, who is leaving the garden this year set this system up and maintained it for about 8 years.

Maintenance in the garden:  There are some maintenance issues around the garden - if you would like to take on a project in your own time or, work on a team on the weekend please let me know.  If you have battery operated tools bring them!  No electricity in the garden.

ITS AUGUST ----   YOU CAN STILL PLANT seeds for a Fall Harvest — here is just one web site with some information - but any seed site should tell you about things that can be planted.

Looking forward to seeing you in the garden,
Sarah C105

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