Rabbits spotted in the garden

Sarah Hutt

To all,
Some of you may remember the rabbit attack we had a couple of years ago - one has been spotted in the garden so now is the time to secure your garden because there is really no way to protect the entire garden from rabbits.  They are here so PREPARE your garden.  If you do nothing they will eat all your new shoots and leafy greens.

Please check around your garden for rabbit dens - they are starting to have babies so lets stop them before the garden is overrun.  I know they are cute but they are not your friend.  !!!!!!!

Berkeley Gardeners have found using Hardware Cloth Wire with 1/4” holes to effecently keep the rabbits out of gardens.  

Here is a link to the Home Depot site that shows an example of Hardware Cloth https://www.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-1-4-in-x-2-ft-x-25-ft-23-Gauge-Galvanized-Steel-Hardware-Cloth-308212EB/205960834

It is available at any hardware store including the Ace Hardware on Tremont St., Home Depot, and on Amazon.

 The fencing should be buried about 6”  deep (15.24 cm) in an “L” shape with the lower part of the L about 4“ facing into the garden.

Here is a video by our friends at  the Fenway Victory Gardens made a few years ago that shows how to lay out the wire and includes some of their rules and regulations - Please note after making the video they learned the chicken wire holes still let in the smaller rabbits so now recommend the 1/4 Hardware Cloth:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15u4r_KmbCU

If you would like to coordinate with your garden neighbors to lay new fencing or if you are having trouble connecting or need help with translation please respond to this email.


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