REMINDER: Spring Cleanup April 7th 9 - 3pm

Sarah Hutt

Berkeley Community Gardens 
Annual Spring Cleanup and Potluck Lunch
 April 7, 9am – 3pm
NOON garden announcements and updates
Potluck at 12:30 — PLEASE bring a dish to share for the Potluck!!!

For Cleanup: Bring your garden gloves, garbage bags, garden tools, and lots of spring energy!!!

Dumpster available Friday April 6 – Sunday April 8th

To all

Saturday April 7 is our Annual Gardens Cleanup and Potluck Lunch 9 AM  - 3 PM
9AM Dunkin Donut Coffee and Donuts will be available
The dumpster is for everyone to use to clean out your garden and the common areas in the garden of all unnessary items 
All hands are needed to make the day a success!!!    

Here are some ways you can help

12 Garden Buddies (4 community hours credit)
This year the Plot Lottery will be held March 31st at 8AM at Project Place so new gardeners can participate in the April 7th cleanup.  We need gardeners, identified as Garden Buddies, to be available if anyone has any questions.  We are looking for 12 people  - you will be supplied with a handout info   You will need to arrive by 9:00 AM.

LUNCHTIME POTLUCK (4 hours of community hours credit)
2 or 3 people --Setting up tables and putting out paper goods - then help putting everything away after lunch

1 or 2 people for Grocery Shopping (2 - 4 community hours credit)  – contact <sarah@...> for the shopping list and non-profit paperwork to purchase food and paper supplies.

The Grill: setting up for cook out.  Then making sure its all clean and put back into storage for next time.

General Maintenance HELP  (you will be credited for the amount of time you work)
If you have BATTERY POWEREDTools bring them to help with maintenance (no electrical outlets in the garden)  
WORK CREWS will be doing general maintenance and fence mending jobs.  

The dumpster is your opportunity to remove old wood, plastic covering fences, collected unused objects, and other debris from your garden. The garden plots are not for storage, only garden related equipment may be left in the garden (see rules for more details).   

Other notes
• Water will be turned on sometime in April - we will post a notice once the City announces date.
• Compost will be delivered sometime this spring. No date has been announced yet.

Remember to lock the gates in the evening when you leave the garden- for garden security we keep the main gates locked at night.  No one can get locked in with our new inside release locks so always close the gates when you leave in the evening. - if you need a gate key they will be available during clean up on Saturday. Keys cost $2.00

For more information check out the Berkeley Gardens web site:   

See you on Saturday!!! Rain or Shine!!!
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