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Hi Sarah
I sent you and John a note a while ago to say I would not be returning this year. I hope to get to the garden if weather permits to remove some plants. Hope this note reaches you.
Joe Federico
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Hello Gardeners

Help is needed on March 24th for the gardeners renewal -- this IS THE LAST DAY TO PAY FOR GARDEN PLOTS.   Help is needed to take in fees.  We will be at Project Place from 10 AM to NOON.  (see you garden letter for more info)
If you would like to pick up some community hours please email me at <info@...>
If you would like to help with translation please let me know at <info@...>


PLEASE NOTE:  Due to pressure from our surrounding neighborhood - and new rules from the Trustees you will NO LONGER be able to store anything in your garden that is not related to the immediate task of gardening.  No storage of unused planters, boxes, wire, bike wheels, suitcases, etc…… must store these things off site.  People that insist on using their garden for storage will be asked to leave.  

YOU ARE allowed to keep buckets of dirt.  We realize many gardeners put a portion of the yearly compost in buckets to build up the soil - we will work with you to set a reasonable bucket limit.   

Over the next few weeks a working committee will be set up to develop a new policy.  If you would like to participate please respond to <info@...>

Gardens will need to be cleaned by April 7th during garden cleanup when we have the dumpster available there will be no exceptions.

For People Not Returning:
In the past anyone that did not pay by the deadline was tracked down to confirm they were leaving.  This was very time consuming and will not be done this year.  If you are putting off paying and miss the date your garden will go into the March 31 Lottery.

If you are not returning please return your gate keys and padlock keys - a small thing but it costs about $20 for keys and padlock for each garden so making copies adds up - recycle them!!!

If you are leaving and want to remove plants or objects from the garden you must do it before March 31 the new lottery garden member will take over the garden plot on that day.

thanks, more info on April 7 cleanup is coming

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