2018 Garden Season

Sarah Hutt

To all

Garden Renewal Invoices went out in the mail on Saturday - thanks to the crew that came over to stuff envelopes.

PLEASE if you do not receive your packet by Wednesday please let me know and it can be emailed or set up a time for you to pick it up.  
If you find you are being charged an extra $150 for not completing your 12 hours of garden Community Time but feel you have done the time PLEASE contact me so we can straighten your hours out.  

If you are not returning please let us know - john@...    we’d like you to return your keys 

This year we are going to hold Lottery before cleanup to give new gardeners more time to plan their gardens and participate in clean up
Lottery will be held on  •  Saturday, March 31st from 8AM to 10:00 AM. at Project Place, 1145 Washington Street (on corner of E. Berkeley and Washington St)

Last day to pay your dues will be Saturday, March 24th 
unpaid garden fees will result in garden plots being put into the Lottery.
There are three ways to pay:
    • US Mail: complete the enclosed invoice with your check to the address on the invoice. Please make your check payable to Berkeley Community Garden include Plot # on the memo line.

    • PayPal: find the link to Renewal Payments on the garden website:  http://www.berkeleygardens.org/gardeners/resources/index.html

    • In Person: join us at Project Place, 1145 Washington Street (on corner of E. Berkeley and Washington St) on Saturday, March 24th from 10AM to NOON. Please bring the enclosed invoice and a check or cash. Come greet garden friends you haven’t seen all winter. 

Don’t MISS April 7th  Annual Garden Spring Cleanup + Lottery
9AM start - dumpster on site Friday April 6 - Sunday April 8
Potluck @ NOON  - bring a dish to pass
Garden Gathering Meeting 1PM

Monday Night Cleanup and Social Hour 6 - 7pm weather permitting
starts March 26th 
  April 23rd
May:  7th, 21st
June:  4th, 18th
July:  9th, 23rd
August:  6th,  23rd
September:  10th, 24th
October: 15th—Monday Regular Clean-up, (5pm start)
End of Season
October 27th Annual Garden Fall Cleanup + Potluck

Questions? New Ideas? Something you would like to see happen in the garden?
Let us know

See you in the garden!!!!

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