free tomatoes!

John McLachlan

This is going around the community garden circuit.   If interested, please e-mail the person directly...

- J

Any Boston-area growers or community gardeners looking for more tomato transplants?  I work for Gaining Ground, a nonprofit farming organization based in Concord, MA.  Last year we planted about 1500 tomato plants - but this year the space we had rotated into only allowed for about 1000.  We did manage to plant over 100 different varieties though.  

So, we have lots of extra plants for the taking.  They are all healthy, but need to get in the ground soon.  If anyone would like some free plants, please reply to me directly at ckozower@...

Happy gardening,
Claire Kozower


John McLachlan
Draper Laboratory
Cambridge, MA   02139-3563
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